We still produce our brochures in paper form, but we are aware that the importance of the electronic media is continually increasing.

Therefore, we can now offer all our available brochures as PDF files for downloading from this page.

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SORG At home in the world of glass

This document gives a general picture of Nikolaus Sorg GmbH & Co, and includes a short history of the Company. Activities and products are also covered in general terms and finally there are instructions about how to travel to Lohr am Main, home of SORG.

DownloadPDF - Gas heating systems

SORG - Glas melting technology

In this brochure you will find extensive explanations of many technical aspects of glass melting together with detailed descriptions of SORG furnace designs and associated technologies. Although it is basically a SORG brochure it does contain much important information that is not only applicable to our products.

DownloadPDF - Gas heating systems

SORG - Glass conditioning

Standard gas heated distributors and forehearths are described in this document, as are the systems needed for their operation. Forehearth electrical heating is also covered, as are a number of add-on systems such as the forehearth CONTI-DRAIN® system for the elimination of zircon cords.

DownloadPDF - Gas heating systems

SORG - Equipment for glass industry

Suitable components form an integral part of all SORG furnace and forehearth installations. We offer a wide range of equipment specially developed for use in the glass industry, and these items are described in detail in this document.

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SORG - ContiDrain

The SORG forehearth CONTI-DRAIN® system is the only system that has consistently been able to reduce or eliminate zircon cord in the production. Since its introduction in 1999 an average of one system per month has been supplied. That many people cannot be wrong.

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SORG - SDB Gas burner

There are many low-NOx burners available, but the latest SORG development combines low emissions with simple adjustment and increased setting reproducibility.

DownloadPDF - Gas heating systems

SORG - Service

Regular inspections by qualified personnel can provide significant benefits for the glass manufacturer. A SORG Service Contract allows the glass manufacturer to utilise the experience of SORG service specialists during the complete life of the furnace.

DownloadPDF - Gas heating systems

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