The SORG Integrated Batch Concept

The SORG BATCH3 concept for batch handling at the furnace

The BATCH3 concept offers a remarkable combination of

 energy saving

 less NOx production

 reduced batch carryover

The concept comprises batch preheating, a batch charger with a completely enclosed doghouse and a new presintering
doghouse design.

The batch preheater – the principle

The new design eliminates clumping and is therefore suitable for use with low cullet levels.

Batch Preheater UPDATE 26.03.12 NEW

Following the planned shake down of the batch preheater, the key components were inspected and measured for wear.
The result was a clean bill of health. All of the components were in like new condition. The Batch Preheater goes back into operation on 02.04.2012

The EME-NEND® batch charger – the principle

The EME-NEND® charger is a unique combination of multiple screw feeders and a pusher arm.

The EME-NEND® batch charger – no external dusting

Doghouse area cleaning periods extended as a result of the introduction of the EME-NEND® charger.

The EME-NEND® batch charger – influence on NOx production

The latest measurements show that the elimination of uncontrolled ingress of air through the doghouse produces a
remarkable reduction in NOx production

The EME-NEND® batch charger – improved charging NEW

More, smaller batch piles increases heat transfer into the glass and offers faster melting.

The EME-NEND® batch charger - FAQs NEW

We answer some of the commonly asked questions.

The IRD doghouse – the principle

The IRD doghouse uses extended residence time and increased radiation into the doghouse to ensure that the surface of
the batch piles is glazed over before they leave the doghouse, thereby reducing the potential for carryover into the regenerators

The IRD doghouse – reduce batch carry over

Effective glazing of the batch pile surface before it leaves the doghouse limit any possibility of batch carry over from the batch surface in the melter.

The IRD doghouse – heat losses

The IRD doghouse has higher wall losses than a conventional design, but the difference in the wall losses between the two designs is much less than the uncertainty resulting from the radiation losses from a conventional doghouse. The enclosed
IRD doghouse does not have radiation losses.

The IRD doghouse – batch glazing NEW

Batch pile surface glazing in the doghouse effectively limits batch carry-over in the melter - see the video.

The IRD doghouse - FAQs

Coming soon

BATCH3 stands for SORG's three step approach to batch preheating. EME-NEND®, IRD, and batch preheater.