Latest installations

Although many of our installations are similar (for instance, large regenerative end-fired furnaces for containers) there is always something interesting being built somewhere (we have over 250 furnaces operating and customers in more than 65 countries). You will always find the latest interesting installations mentioned here.

The Netherlands: 109 m end-fired furnace for 380 tpd — Norway: O2-/gas-heated pilot furnace for 8 tpd glass fibres (ECR-, W- and S-) — France: 54 m end-fired furnace with 5 forehearths for 178 tpd pharmaceutical glass — Cameroon: 38 m end-fired furnace for 110 tpd container glass (all colours) — France: 22,5 m end-fired furnace for 50 tpd high-class flaconnage (flint) — Spain: 62' Forehearth for 145 tpd flint glass — Spain: gas heating system — Mexico: working end with two forehearths for 110 tpd each — South Africa: 125 m regenerative end-fired furnace, type SDR, with STW working end and 4 forehearths type 340S for 420 tpd flint glass — Vietnam: 107 m regenerative end-fired furnace with STW working end and 3 forehearths type 340S for 280 tpd flint, amber and green glass — India: 23 m cross-fired recuperative S-Melter with working end and 2 STFE forehearths for 24 tpd neutral glass (flint and amber) — Tanzania: 50m regenerative end fired furnace for containers — UAE: 134m regenerative cross fired container glass furnace