Latest installations

Although many of our installations are similar (for instance, large regenerative end-fired furnaces for containers) there is always something interesting being built somewhere (we have over 250 furnaces operating and customers in more than 65 countries). You will always find the latest interesting installations mentioned here.

Mexico: 400 tpd regenerative end-fired container glass furnace — Egypt: 120 tpd regenerative end-fired furnace for tableware — Egypt: 80 tpd FlexMelter® for tableware — Portugal: reconstruction 61 tpd RUF with 5 STF forehearths for tableware — Italy: reconstruction Sorg DeepRefiner®, 200 tpd for cosmetic articles — Spain: reconstruction working end and 4 forehearths (2 tandem FH) for 380 tpd container glass — Mexico (under construction): 375 tpd Sorg DeepRefiner® with working end and 2 340S forhearths for container glass —