03/07/03   General News
Major changes afoot at SORG main office complex
A new 3-storey office block is the eye-catching centre piece of the SORG main office complex in Lohr.

There have been major changes taking place on the SORG site in Lohr am Main. First of all the original development building (an old wooder-roofed building, in which the very first VSM all electric furnave was build in 1970) was demolished. This was followed by the erection of a new three storey office building, and finally, further unneeded parts of the old building were demolished.

The new office building houses all technical departments - a total of 90 persons - including the design office, which has had to spend the last 8 years in "temporary" accomodation in Neustadt, about 8 km south of Lohr. The new technical offices are designed on the open-plan principle to create a roomy working environment and facilitate communication.

The space made available in other buildings allows the sales organisation to be housed in one block - for the first time in almost 25 years.

These changes are part of a major work-over of the Lohr site, which also includes relandscaping of part of the site and the provision of additional parking capacity.

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