17/05/05   Latest Installations
RUSSIA - Production facility upgrade features SORG ST SERIES technology
The recent repair and upgrading of an existing container production facility at the Kamyshin factory in Volgograd, Russia, included the installation of a SORG STW working end and 4 STF forehearths.

The working end and forehearths are gas heated, utilising the SORG VMC2 gas heating system.

The forehearths are designed for maximum pulls of between 50 and 85 t/24 h of flint glass for the production of bottles and wide mouth containers. Each forehearth is also equipped with the SORG forehearth CONTI-DRAIN system to eliminate zircon cord.

The furnace is of local design, but includes a SORG bubbler and throat booster.

This installation is the one of a number in Russia in which SORG ST SERIES glass conditioning technology is being used to upgrade existing installations.

One of the 4 SORG STF forehearths at Kamyshin
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