22/06/05   Latest Installations
AUSTRIA - 8 years and more than a quarter of a million tons for electric furnace campaign
It is often assumed that all electric furnaces have shorter lives than conventional units, but this is not always the case. Commissioned in June 1997 the furnace was stopped in May 2005 after 96 months of continuous operation. The campaign length is unusual in view of the fact that the furnace melts C glass for insulating fibre.

The furnace was designed for a maximum melting rate of 110 t/24 h, and throughout the campaign was operated at an average pull of approximately 85 % of this value. In total the furnace melted more than 270 000 tons during the campaign, equivalent to a figure of more than 7000 tons per m² of melting area.

The specific energy consumption over the complete campaign was less than 0,8 kWh/kg of glass melted.

After a cold repair lasting only 38 days glass-to-glass – another advantage of all-electric melters – the furnace will be returned to operation for the next quarter of a million tons.

A view of the 5 vibrating chutes of the new rotating crown
batch charging system installed during the recent furnace repair
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