22/06/05   General News
Mathematical modelling award for Matthias Lindig
Dr. Matthias Lindig, SORG head of R & D, was presented with the Glass Services Award for Promotion of Mathematical Modeling to the International Glass Industry at the recent Glass Services Symposium in Velké Karlovice in the Czech Rebublic.

Since joining SORG in 2002 Matthias has been closely involved with the application of mathematical modelling to the Company’s daily business. He has experience of modelling a wide range of different furnace designs, including float and all electric furnaces, as well as LoNOx® and FlexMelter® designs.

The award, an extremely large piece of absolutely perfect lead crystal glass formed in the shape of a cut diamond, was awarded to Matthias for his outstanding work in publicising the benefits, but also the potential limitations, of mathematical modelling. He has made major presentations involving the modelling to the North American Glass Problems Conference, the European ESG conference in Athens and the Glass Trends Workshop in Eindhoven.

Matthias Lindig checks the quality of the award
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