17/06/04   General News
14 forehearths in 3 months - SORG activities in Q1 2004.
Glass conditioning systems were a major focus of the SORG® installations commissioned during the first quarter of 2004, with a total of 3 STW working ends and no less than 14 STF forehearths being started up. In addition, 3 forehearth boosting systems and 2 forehearth CONTI DRAIN® systems were also installed.

Geographically, the installations involved were spread between Middle and South America (Mexico and Brasil – forehearth boosting systems) and Asia (Thailand – working end and 4 forehearths)

Incidentally, more than 40 forehearth boosters and 60 forehearth CONTI DRAINS® have now been delivered.

Furnaces were commissioned in Spain and Thailand for containers and in the Middle East (2 units) for tableware.

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