16/03/04   Latest Installations
BULGARIA - new installation features SORG technology.
The factory of Drujba S.A., part of the Greek owned Yioula Glass Group, is situated in the town of Plovdiv in Bulgaria. A new SORG furnace was recently installed to replace two existing units.

The new furnace is a 125m² end-fired furnace with Deep Refiner®, and is capable of melting up to 430 t/24 h of flint container glass. The furnace is provided with a melting booster, and is designed to supply 6 production lines.

The working end and forehearths feature SORG ST SERIES technology.

One of the particular features of the installation is a complete SCADA system, supplied by SORG, which utilises software controllers for all control loops on the furnace, working end and forehearths. The system design includes high-availability duplex PLCs and several operator stations to provide optimum operational security.

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