26/01/04   Latest Installations
CHINA - All electric furnace for borosilicate tubing commissioned
The latest SORG VSM® all electric furnace to be commissioned is designed to melt hard borosilicate glass with an expansion coefficient (α) of 33 x 10-7. The new furnace is installed in the factory of Beijing Glass Instruments Factory (BGIF) in the capital of the People’s Republic of China.

The maximum melting capacity of this furnace is 35 t/24h, which is produced from a melting area of 17 m². The furnace supplies two production lines on which tubing is produced for use in solar collectors.

In common with most VSM furnaces, this one also features the revolving crown batch charging system and SORG Top Electrodes.

A second furnace of the same size will be installed and commissioned in the same factory during 2004.

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