01/03/05   Latest Installations
CHINA : Another large SORG E glass furnace commissioned
One of the largest E glass furnaces ever built was recently installed and commissioned by SORG at the Tongxiang factory of major fibre producer Jushi Group Co. Ltd.

The furnace which was jointly designed by SORG and Jushi Group has a maximum melting capacity of 205 t/24h of the difficult-to-melt E glass, used to manufacture glass fibres. Four screw chargers installed through the furnace rear wall provide totally enclosed, dust-free charging of the extremely fine batch materials. The main furnace heating is provided by a SORG oxy-fuel system utilising natural gas as the fuel. A large electric boosting system is also installed, utilising molybdenum electrodes installed through the furnace bottom.

The SORG distributor and forehearth system attached to the furnace has a total length of 200 m, and includes a total of more than 100 platinum bushings.

This furnace is the third SORG E glass installation to be commissioned in South East Asia in the last 4 years.

A large SORG E glass furnace
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