16/03/04   General News
Five furnaces on four continents – SORG installations in Q4 2003
No less than 3 VSM all electric furnaces were started up in this period. Two of them, in the USA and China, melt low expansion borosilicate glass, and were complete new installations. The third example, in Germany, was a rebuild of an existing SORG furnace, and is used to melt C glass for the production of insulating wool. Detail changes were made to the furnace design, but the melting capacity was not increased.

In South Africa an existing SORG end-fired regenerative furnace was rebuilt (see “Latest Installations / SOUTH AFRICA - Sasol gas fired furnace rebuilt). In this case the furnace size was increased to raise the maximum melting capacity from 250 to 280 t/24 h. This furnace is used to produce containers.

Returning to Europe, a completely new container furnace was installed in Bulgaria. The furnace is an end-fired regenerative unit with a melting area of 125 m², and is designed for a maximum melting capacity of 430 t/24 h. At present the furnace is operating with two production lines, but when the installation is completed there will be six lines.

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