17/06/04   Latest Installations
GERMANY - Cross-fired rebuild successfully completed
SORG Group companies have recently completed the planned redesign and rebuild of a cross-fired regenerative furnace at the Steinbach factory of Wiegand Glas, in Germany.

It is probably true to say that the majority of container furnaces world wide are end-fired units, However, it is still possible to find a few examples of cross-fired furnaces used for container production – not surprising considering that this type of furnace was once the standard for larger installations.

Furnace number 1 at Wiegand Glas is designed to produce green container glass, and supplies 2 production lines. The rebuild included the optimisation of a number of design features, but the most important changes were intended to reduce the output of NOx. Changes include modifications to the port design and a radical redesign of the firing system to give much improved control of the complete combustion process.

Initial measurements confirmed that the forecast NOx emission levels were achieved.
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