16/03/04   Latest Installations
GERMANY - Furnace rebuild in 21 days ?
One of the BSN Glasspack factories in Germany is located in the northern town of Rinteln. The existing furnace C has recently been replaced by a completely new furnace D.

Furnace C, a Unit Melter with a steel recuperator, was due for major repair in 2003, and the decision was taken to replace it with a more efficient regenerative furnace design. However, the change from recuperative to regenerative systems required significant changes to buildings and infrastructure. This would normally lead to a very long down-time.

The solution was to build the new furnace adjacent to the existing one, which was able to maintain production during the installation phase. When everything was ready furnace C was stopped and D commissioned, so that the change over only resulted in about 21 days loss of production.

The new furnace is a 82 m² SORG end-fired unit with Deep Refiner®. It is designed to produce up to 250 t/24 h of all traditional colours.
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