06/04/05   Latest Installations
IRAN – large tableware furnace running well
Noritazeh Glass Co. a leading Iranian manufacturer of tableware, recently commissioned a completely new manufacturing facility at their Shams Abad factory, near Tehran.

The new furnace, the second in the factory, is a 80 m² regenerative end-fired unit designed for a maximum melting capacity of 150 t/24 h. The natural gas firing system is the only energy source used in the furnace as no electrical boost is installed.

The installation includes a SORG STW distribution channel with a total length of 21m, that feeds 6 production lines. The forehearths feature SORG STF technology and supply a mixture of press-blow, press and centrifuge machines, thus providing a high level of production flexibility in this demanding market segment.

Three of the forehearths are also fitted with SORG forehearth colouring technology, whilst two others are designed to accept the technology if it should be required in the future.
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