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IRAN - New fireproof ovenware production facility
The glass industry in Iran has seen considerable expansion in the last 10 years, including the establishment of a number of new factories. One of the more unusual of these is that of Lorestan Glass Company, directed by Mr. M.V. Khodakarami, situated in Aligudarz, Lorestan, which produces fireproof ovenware.

The glass – Lorex – is a pyrex-type borosilicate composition with an expansion of 33 x 10-7, and the furnace is designed for a maximum melting capacity of 20 t/24h.

The SORG furnace is a special design for this difficult glass, with burners situated along the two side walls and the waste gas exit port on the furnace end wall. Combustion air preheating is by means of a steel recuperator, and the primary fuel is natural gas. Electrical boosting systems are installed in the melting and refining areas, and in the throat. The melting and refining areas of the tank are separated by a full height barrier wall with integral throats.

A view of the furnace hot air pipework and gas burners.

The furnace supplies two press lines, one of which is fed by a conventional gob feeder and the other by a fully automatic ball gatherer working from a gathering bay. The distribution channel and forehearth are gas heated, with surface drains to remove lower quality surface glass. The gathering bay is electrically heated by a combination of molybdenum disilicide radiant elements in the superstructure and immersed molybdenum electrodes in the glass bath.

Typical product of the new factory in Lorestan, Iran
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