06/04/05   New Technology
Looking behind the scenes - the THERMON system
Refractory wear is the largest single factor influencing furnace life. However, the combination of furnace bracing steelwork and insulation make it impossible to inspect all areas of the structure to detect unexpected wear. The new SORG THERMON system can help to solve this problem.

Thermal imaging of outer surfaces is of limited value because of the shielding and distorting effect of steelwork, and the influence of differing air currents on the heat loss situation. The THERMON system utilises thermocouples embedded in the refractory structure. The thermocouple readings are used to produce thermal maps, and these are displayed in such a way that changes resulting from refractory wear are highlighted.

The THERMON system cannot prevent refractory wear, or the potential consequences thereof. However, the system does provide a method of visualising subtle changes long before they become discernible in any other way. Information is therefore presented to the operator in time to allow investigation and, if necessary, intervention.

Typical THERMON system display highlighting unusual wear (top, right of centre)

Further details of the THERMON refractory wear monitor are available from the SORG main office.
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