01/03/05   Latest Installations
NETHERLANDS : New Rexam furnace hits energy and NOx targets
The Rexam Glass factory in Dongen, Netherlands, operates three furnaces for the production of flint and green containers. One of these, furnace 14, was recently given a major cold repair, involving a significant increase in furnace size, together with important modifications to reduce both energy consumption and NOx emissions.

The new furnace is an end-fired regenerative design with a melting area of 87 m² and is designed to produce up to 230 t/24h of flint or green glass.

The furnace was commissioned in summer 2004 and has now been running for more than 9 months. During this time both the energy consumption and the NOx emission have been measured by a independent organisation, who were able to confirm the excellent results.

The energy consumption is less than 1000 kcal/kg at a cullet content of 50 % and without electrical energy, whilst the NOx emission is less than 800 mg/Nm³, measured over a period of 24 hours and corrected to 8 % oxygen in the waste gases.
A good view of the new furnace 14 at the Rexam Dongen factory.

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