02/07/03   General News
Return of The INSIDER
Between 1988 ansd 1992 SORG published 9 editions of a newsletter, titled "The INSIDER". Now edition 10 is to be published, albeit electronically.

The INSIDER was a SORG newsletter, pure and simple. It contained artivcles about SORG systems and products, but also included information about other aspects of the Company, including items about the people working for the Conmpany. However, pressure of work made it impossible to continue producing the newsletter, and issue 9 turned out to be the last one.

Until November 2003. Now, issue 10 will be produced - but this time the newsletter will be distributed electronically.

The mixture will be more or less as before - a combination of technical and non-technical news and short features, concentrating on background information.

Anybody wanting to receive a copy of The INSIDER can email us on insider@sorg.de .

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