28/02/05   New Technology
Short is bad – therefore ELM
Since the technology of direct electrical heating using molybdenum rod electrodes was introduced in the 1950’s there have always been difficulties in determining the remaining length of electrodes. Reliable information is very important to prevent the use of short electrodes, that may cause damage to the electrode holder and to the surrounding refractory.

The ELM system analyses operating data and provides the operator with clear and unambiguous information about the current state of each individual electrode. The information can be used to plan advancing work to avoid both the use of short electrodes and the need to advance electrodes at inconvenient times.

The ELM system is only available as a component of a SORG boosting system or all electric furnace.

A typical ELM system operating window

Further details of the ELM electrode wear monitor are available from the SORG main office.
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