26/01/04   Latest Installations
SOUTH AFRICA - Sasol gas fired furnace rebuilt
After a campaign of 9 years furnace number 2 at the Johannesburg factory of Nampak Glass was rebuilt in 2003. During its lifetime the furnace melted a remarkable total of over 673,000 tons of glass, which is equivalent to 10,309 tons/m² melting area.

The previous furnace, a SORG-designed end-fired regenerative unit supplied three productions lines and was used to melt flint, amber and green container glass. The rebuild afforded the opportunity was taken to make some important changes, including an increase in the melting area from 65 to 78 m², and the addition of an extra production line.

The furnace is heated using Sasol gas – a synthetic fuel manufactured from low quality coal, which has a comparatively low calorific value of about 4250 kcal/Nm³. The gas also has a low hydrocarbon content and burns with an almost invisible flame. Both the furnace and the gas heating system must be carefully designed to take account of this characteristic of the gas. The furnace is heavily boosted, with a total of 3800 kVA distributed between two melting area and one barrier booster.

During 2004 it is planned to convert the furnace heating to natural gas.

The working end and forehearths of the new installation feature the latest SORG ST SERIES glass conditioning technology. Provision is made on all lines for the installation of the SORG forehearth CONTI DRAIN® system, should this become necessary in the future.
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