06/04/05   General News
Welcome to a hot day in Lohr
This years annual conference of the German Society of Glass Technology (DGG) will take place at the end of May 2005 in Würzburg, which is only 40 km from Lohr. On the first day of the meeting (23rd May) visits to local sites of interest are offered, and one of the options is SORG in Lohr.

A number of interesting demonstrations will await visitors to the SORG offices. The new THERMON refractory wear monitor will be on show on a simulated furnace, while the CONTI-DRAIN® system will be operating, complete with molten glass. Finally, showing what customers are always strongly warned NOT to do, we will be heating an electrode holder to about 1000 °C and then turning the cooling water supply on full. This is the way in which electrode holders are tested.

Anyone interested in witnessing the demonstrations should sign up for the SORG visit when registering for the conference. Registration details can be found on the DGG web site at www.hvg-dgg.de .

The SORG Technical Centre, in which the demonstrations will be carried out.
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