01/07/03   New Technology
Five all electric furnaces at one time
The first VSM all electric furnace was built in 1970, and in the mean time more than 85 units have been installed, varying in melting capacity from less than 5 to 150 t/24 h. However, this year (2003) no less than 5 new units are on order - a new record for SORG.

The year 2003 has turned out to be a very special year for the SORG electric melting department. Early in the year they were involved in the commissioning of a very large VSM all electric furnace for 180 tons of flint and green soda lime glass for containers in South Africa. This was followed by a 45 ton unit for borosilicate glass for special lenses in the USA. Two VSM´s for opal glass, one for tableware and one fór high quality flacons are to follow, together with a further unit for borosilicate glass.

Although the 5 units vary in melting capacity from 20 to 180 t/24 h, they all feature SORG Top Electrodes and the revolving crown batch charging system.

Details of the some of these units will be published in the coming months.
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