29/08/05   New Technology
11, 1 000 and 1 100 000 – the Drebkau figures
At the reunification of Germany in 1990 the glass industry in the “new” federal states of the east was in general in a poor state, and most of the existing factories were simply closed down during the following 5 years. However, there were some positive developments, and one of these was at Drebkau, between Berlin and Dresden.

On the site of a closed glass factory the West German glass manufacturer Lüner Glas created a completely new manufacturing facility, featuring a single, large SORG regenerative end-fired furnace. The furnace is oil heated and does not have a boosting system.

The factory is now part of the Rexam Group.

The furnace is now 11 years old, and still performing very well. The figures for the whole of 2004 show an average daily pull of almost 300 tons of flint soda-lime glass for containers, whilst the energy consumption for the year averages out at almost exactly 1000 kcal/kg of glass melted. Bearing in mind the fact that the furnace is now 11 years old, and the inevitable increase in energy consumption during the life of a furnace of this type, this figure can only be described as excellent.

So far the furnace has successfully melted a total of more than 1,1 million tons of glass.
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