29/08/05   General News
Forehearths and CONTI-DRAINS lead in Q2 2005
The success of the SORG forehearth CONTI-DRAIN® continued in the second quarter of 2005. During the three month period a total of 3 systems were installed. Two of these were installed together on special drainage channel blocks that had been installed at the previous rebuild, but one was installed by drilling on a forehearth on which no previous provision for the installation of a drainage system had been made. This brings the total number of CONTI-DRAIN® systems installed by drilling from the outside to 8.

Glass conditioning system were also well represented, with a STW working end and 4 STF forehearths for containers in Russia and 2 electrically heated forehearths for insulating wool in Austria.

On the furnace side, a large VSM all electric furnace for C glass (insulating wool) was repaired.

Underlining the fact that not all SORG orders include complete furnace installations, during the time period under consideration bubbling and throat booster systems were commissioned in Russia, whilst a regenerative reversing system was installed and commissioned in Germany. In both cases the furnaces were not supplied by SORG.

One of the 4 SORG STF forehearths on the new installation in Russia
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