22/11/05   General News
Glass industry expansion with SORG furnaces - SORG Q3 2005 review
Three new SORG end-fired regenerative furnaces were installed and commissioned during the third quarter of 2005. In Brazil, leading glass producer CIV commissioned a new SORG furnace for 310 t/24 h flint and amber containers, whilst further north Mexican container producer Fevisa started up a completely new production facility at San Luis Potosi, featuring a SORG furnace with a daily melting capacity of 300 t/24 h flint glass.

Nearer home, the third furnace for this quarter, and the second on a green-field site, was installed for the Slovenian speciality container manufacturer Steklarna Hrastnik. This one has a daily capacity of 120 t/24h flint glass. Each of the three furnaces is equipped with a SORG STW working end and two of them with SORG STF forehearths.

In Italy a melting end gas heating system was commissioned for Rocco Bormioli, whilst in Spain an existing small SORG recuperative furnace was modified and rebuilt at La Mediterranea, a leading producer of tableware and giftware.

The late afternoon sun catches the corner of the regenerators in this unusual view of the new SORG brazilian furnace
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