23/11/05   General News
Thermal Homogeneity Index – the truth revealed.
The most widely accepted measure of forehearth operation is the Thermal Homogeneity Index – a single figure result based on a simple mathematical analysis of a matrix of 9 temperature measurements made at the front end of the forehearth. The calculation is designed top give a value of 100 if all 9 temperatures are exactly the same.

Juergen Groessler, SORG Glass Conditioning Manager, has produced a paper giving interesting details of the measurements, including important information about the quite significant limitations of the measurement. The paper has recently been published in the September edition of the leading glass industry magazine GLASS.

If you do not have access to the magazine but would like to read the article just contact the SORG marketing department (fax. +49 9352 507 196 or email insider@sorg.de).and we will gladly send you a copy of the article.

Page 1 of the article in the September 2005 edition of Glass

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