28/11/05   General News
Jochen Matthes has died
Sadly we must announce that our good friend and former colleague Jochen Matthes died on the 29th October at the age of 73.

Jochen was always part of the glass industry: he was born into a glass family in the German city of Jena, and kept up the tradition when he joined Schott as an apprentice. He went on to become the Technical Director of the Company.

Jochen joined Sorg in 1990 and his expert knowledge of technical glasses was quickly appreciated. His retirement in 1997 was not the end of his association with the Company, who continued to profit from his experience and knowledge until shortly before his death.

Jochen was always willing to share his extensive knowledge with others, but his manner was never intrusive.

His wide-ranging understanding of glass was rivalled by an equally encyclopaedic knowledge of German and European history. He would describe the complexities of the famous battle of Waterloo as easily as he could explain the difficulties caused by surface recrystalisation of cristobalite when melting certain borosilicate glasses.

We extend our deepest sympathy to his wife Gisela and family.

Jochen Matthes
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