16/11/07   General News
Keith Ellaby retires (well sort of)
Popular SORG forehearth installation engineer Keith Ellaby celebrated his 65th birthday in April 2007 and is now beginning to slow down a little.

But only a little

Keith Ellaby is well known in glass factories throughout the world, not only because of his language abilities (he speaks English, German and Thai at least), and not just because of his vast knowledge of and experience with forehearths (he has been installing and commissioning them for almost 30 years).

Keith is probably most famous for his singing (a true Karaoke practitioner, but he´s also good at it, unlike many). and for his golf (he refuses to tell us what his golf handicap is, but it should be quite low after all these years playing the golf courses of the world).

After almost 30 years of continuous travelling Keith has now slowed down to the extent that he now spends almost as much time at home near Liverpool in England as he does away. So, don´t give up hope completely – you may still bump into Keith when the next SORG forehearth is being installed.

Keith in action on the golf course
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