30/01/08   New Technology
New version of SORG forehearth CONTI-DRAIN® available
Since its introduction in 1998 more than 100 SORG forehearth CONTI-DRAIN® systems have been installed to reduce or eliminate zircon cord. The undisputed ability of the system to reduce or eliminate cord is proven by the fact that deliveries have averaged one system per month for more than 8 years.

The standard system utilises a counter electrode installed in the forehearth channel near the drain. This system works without problems in the vast majority of cases, but the molybdenum electrode can cause some quality problems when used with some glass compositions. This may be significant if a very high quality glass quality is required.

SORG has now developed and tested a new version of the CONTI-DRAIN® system that does not use an immersed electrode. The basic principle of operation is the same as the standard system, and so the same outstanding results are obtained. However, as there is no counter electrode in contact with the glass bath there is no risk of glass quality degradation.

The new system is called the CDNE to differentiate it from the standard forehearth CONTI-DRAIN® system.

SORG CONTI-DRAIN® in operation

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