30/01/08   Latest Installations
UNITED KINGDOM - Oxy-fuel again for C glass
An existing oxy-fuel furnace has been increased is size during a general repair at the Knauf Insulation factory at Cwmbran in the United Kingdom. The furnace known has a maximum melting capacity of 250 tons per day and is used to melt C glass for the production of insulating fibre. The distribution channel and forehearths were also part of the SORG delivery.

This is the third large furnace of this type that SORG has installed for the Knauf Group in the last 18 months.

This job is a typical example of a joint project involving the complete SORG Group. Modernisation and extension of the existing batch house was managed by EME, whilst SKS supplied steelwork and provided installation services for steelwork and refractories. Nikolaus Sorg was responsible for the planning, equipment supply and installation, and commissioning of the furnace and forehearth channels. The SORG equipment includes a new SCADA system for the furnace and fortehearths.

The SORG control panel for the individual burner control
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