30/01/08   Latest Installations
USA - Hot lab project starts
One of the most surprising glass manufacturing ventures of recent years was recently commissioned in Enfield in the US state of Connecticut. Emhart Glass, the world-famous machine supplier has built and commissioned a small container plant. Although bottles are produced, the primary aim is to use the plant as a hot laboratory for the development of new and improved forming and related processes.

The furnace is a small oxy-fuel unit capable of melting 40 t/24 h container glass of various colours, and this part of the installation is completed by an Emhart Glass 240 forehearth.

SORG was responsible for furnace design and the supply of important items of equipment, together with the complete installation of all equipment in the furnace and forehearth area with the exception of the pipe work and electrical wiring. SORG Group batch and cullet handling specialists EME were responsible for the design and supply of the batch house.

One of the most complicated parts of the project for SORG was to ensure that all equipment supplied conforms with the local regulations, which, as many people will know, can vary from State to State in the US.

We offer our congratulations to Emhart Glass on this unique project that will surely benefit the whole glass container industry in its fight against substitute packing materials.

Part view of the hot lab furnace
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