17/03/08   Latest Installations
GERMANY - SORG all-electric furnace goes on and on.
Located in the historical town of Limburg an der Lahn, north of Frankfurt, the Glashütte Limburg, produces high quality lighting ware for international markets. The Company operates two small furnaces, a conventional recuperative unit for flint glass and a small all-electric furnace for opal glass. The two are used to produce ply glass.

The Glashütte Limburg became aware of the potential benefits of all-electric melting of opal glass at a very early stage, and the first SORG VSM® all-electric furnace for this glass in the factory was installed in 1971. The furnace still exists, having been rebuilt many times since then. The latest rebuild took place in the summer of 2007 after a furnace campaign of 4 years – an very commendable figure bearing in mind that this glass is extremely corrosive.

The furnace is a typical VSM design, with 2 distinct electrode levels. Batch charging is by means of a screw charger and distribution arm – the same principle that was used when the furnace was first built 37 years ago. Extraction is manual, from two gathering holes, and during the two shift operation between 1.5 and 2 tons of glass are removed.

These days most furnaces are built to melt several hundred tons of glass per day, and it is refreshing to find such a small unit continuing to be successful: At the same time it is helping to maintain old manual glass-making skills at a time when some would have us believe that it no longer possible to operate such a production unit in Western Europe.
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