17/03/08   General News
Record furnace lifetime – 2 furnaces at once
It is well known that the campaign length of typical container furnaces has increased remarkably in recent years and furnace lives of 10 years are no longer the exception.

However, two SORG regenerative end-fired furnaces currently operating in Germany look like setting completely new standards. One furnace has been running for 13 years, whilst the other is already 14 years old. Both are in excellent condition and are not scheduled for a major shut-down and repair in the next 12 months. The furnaces are installed in different factories, although both factories belonged to the same group at the time the furnaces were installed. They are also of different sizes, with one being over 50 % larger than the other. One melts flint glass whilst the other has been used to produce both flint and amber glasses.

Incidentally, both of these furnaces have already melted more than 13 000 tons per square meter of melting area.

Now, maybe you would like to know how this is achieved. It’s quite easy to find out – just buy a SORG furnace and watch it carefully for the next 14 years !
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