17/03/08   General News
Emhart Glass forehearth numbers good
The SORG EGF team – John McMinn as Product Manager and Matthias Haas as Sales Manager – together with the actual Emhart Glass Sales Organisation have done an excellent job since the transfer of responsibility at the beginning of July 2007.

The first installation of the “SORG era” was completed at Carib Glass on the island of Trinidad in the Caribbean in May 2007. Since then a total of 11 forehearths and 2 distributors have been installed and commissioned. Orders for a further 22 forehearths and 5 distributors are currently being processed (figures correct February 2008).

Customers are located in North, Middle and South America, Europe and Asia.

Initial operating experience has also produced some good numbers, with, for example, a thermal homogeneity of better than 99 % achieved at a pull of 100 t/24 h.
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