26/05/08   General News
Bubbler or booster – which is best ?
The latest SORG technical article to be published in one of the leading glass industry technical magazines appears is in the March edition of GLASS INTERNATIONAL. The title has a slightly Shakespearean connection: “To bubble or to barrier boost: that is the question”.

In this author Richard Sims addresses one of the more interesting technical aspects of furnace design today. To some extent bubblers and barrier boost systems fulfil the same purpose, whereby the bubbler has low direct operating costs (the provision of compressed air) whilst the booster uses electrical energy that must be paid for.

Nevertheless, there is a strong case for the preferential use of the boosting system, as explained in the article.

If you would like to read the article but do not have access to the magazine just send an email to insider@sorg.de and we will be pleased to send you a copy.

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