01/12/08   Latest Installations
GERMANY - > 800 kcal/kg = excellent results
Wiegand Glass is one of the leading independent container manufacturers in Europe, with 2 factories in Germany and one in South Africa. In summer 2008 furnace A at the Grossbreitenbach factory was completely rebuilt and commissioned.

In many respects this was an unusual order for SORG. At the beginning of the project Wiegand Glas called on SORG to design the best possible state-of-the-art furnace without any technical compromises. SORG produced a detailed concept that was accepted and supported by Wiegand Glas, and the resulting furnace has already given excellent results.

The furnace can be heated with gas or oil as required, and supplies glass to 3 production lines on which high quality containers are manufactured, mainly for the drinks industry. Various shades of green are produced in the furnace.

The furnace was commissioned and all systems correctly adjusted, and then the energy consumption was measured. Specific consumption values of 790 kcal/kg glass were found whilst using gas, and 770 kcal/kg with oil heating. Both values were measured at 85 % cullet.
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