04/02/09   General News
Herbert Lutz - 40 years with SORG
Herbert Lutz joined SORG as an draughtsman in 1968 and after 6 years in the design office he moved to the Sales Department in 1974, where he has remained until today.

Herbert is responsible for our customers in Southern Europe, Mexico and Central and South America and travels widely in these countries. His knowledge of French and Spanish in addition to English and German ease communication with customers.

We are surprised to learn that SORG Sales Managers may in fact have spare time occasionally, but this does appear to be the case as Herbert is Vice President and an active member of the local gun club (recalcitrant customers beware ?). He also likes to paint (pictures, not walls) and has a good grasp of perspective (the draughtsman training) but concedes that his wife has a much superior feel for colours.
Herbert Lutz
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