04/02/09   New Technology
Forehearth mixture control system patented
We have been supplying oxygen metering systems for distributor and forehearth applications for almost 10 years and are now using the patented third generation system, referred to as the OMT system.

The system is used to measure and control the oxygen content of the air/gas mixture supplied to distributor or forehearths, and features two major technical innovations. The first is that the mixture analysis is made directly on the forehearth alongside the actual burners. This results in a compact installation without the need to install bulky additional equipment.

The second innovation concerns the way in which changes in the oxygen content of the air/gas mixture are made. In conventional systems the gas supply is used to adjust the ratio, but this requires very small changes in gas flow rate. The OMT uses a unique arrangement to make adjustments to the air supply, which is much easier to control.

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The compact OMT equipment on the forehearth
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