04/02/09   Latest Installations
Largest SORG end-fired furnace yet
In the 1960s conventional wisdom was that regenerative end-fired furnaces were limited to a melting area of about 50 – 60 m² because of the difficulty of controlling flame path. In 1972 SORG designed and built the first “large” furnace of this type for the then independent German glass producer Oberland Glas. That furnace had a melting area of 76 m².

Just over 30 years later the boundaries have been moved again, and the latest SORG furnace of this design has a melting area of 151 m², almost exactly twice that of the original installation.

It is a measure of the trust that the industry places in the capabilities of SORG that a total of 4 furnaces of this size are currently being planned. The maximum melting capacity of these units is around 450 t/24 h.
A large SORG regenerative end-fired furnace
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