17/04/09   Latest Installations
SORG furnace for manufacturer of famous German preserving jars
One of the most widely known names in the glass industry in Germany belongs to a small, independent glass producer located near the one-time capital, Bonn. For more than 100 years the Company has produced and marketed wide-mouth preserving jars that are universally known as “Marke WECK-Gläser” (WECK preserving jars), named after one of the founders and the current Company name.

Even today, in the era of fast food, WECK produces several million preserving jars annually in addition to about 350 million other types of wide-mouth containers.

Furnace number 1 was recently subject to a cold repair, with SORG providing the engineering and some items of equipment. The end-fired regenerative furnace has a melting area of 60 m², a maximum melting capacity of 175 t/24 h flint glass and supplies 3 production lines. One of the major modifications made to the oil-fired furnace is the introduction of SORG individual burner control, primarily designed to reduce NOx emission levels.
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