05/08/09   Latest Installations
Dubai – new SORG furnace reduces energy consumption by > 30 %
Can you imagine reducing specific energy consumption by more than 30 %. This is exactly what Jebel Ali Container Glass Factory in Dubai has achieved.

The factory operates a single furnace, and the previous design was a modified Unit Melter with recuperative combustion air preheating. For the recent furnace rebuild the decision was taken to install a SORG end-fired regenerative unit, although this entailed considerable civil work to provide sufficient space, especially for the regenerators.

The new furnace has a melting area of 130 m² and has already proved capable of melting the required 360 tons per day, with an excellent glass quality. Provision has been made for the future installation of a barrier booster, and so further melting capacity is available if required.

The decision to install a regenerative end-fired furnace was quickly justified when the specific energy consumption of the new furnace was found to be considerably more than 30 % lower than that of the original installation, and that despite a much better glass quality.

If you are interested in further details of this installation there will be an article about it in the October issue of GLASS INTERNATIONAL.
The new furnace at the Jebel Ali Factory in Dubai
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