04/08/09   General News
Another SORG number – this time 3300
In our efforts to keep you informed about our activities we frequently resort to the use of numbers, as this is often a good way to illustrate a particular point. We therefore make no apology for offering you yet another number – this time the figure is 3300.

This is the number of forehearth electrodes that we have installed since 1978 when our all-electric forehearth heating system was introduced. The electrode design is simple and robust, comprising essentially the molybdenum head and a high temperature steel connector.

The electrodes are used in the 90+ all-electric forehearths and 60+ forehearth boosting systems that we have installed in the intervening period. As you can imagine, we have attained a vast amount of experience with these electrodes over the years. They are used for many types of glasses, including Pyrex-type borosilicate, C glass and fluoride opal.

As the applications are designed to give no electrode wear the life is almost unlimited, and some installations have run for more than 8 years.
SORG forehearth electrodes
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