09/12/09   New Technology
340S – the new forehearth system from SORG
On the 1st July 2006 the complete Emhart Glass forehearth technology was transferred to SORG, including K type, 240, 340, 540 and 640 systems. SORG became responsible for the provision of quotations and acceptance of orders, all design and engineering work, the supply of equipment, installation and commissioning, and finally customer support and after-sales-service.

In March 2009 the 340 forehearth concept from Emhart Glass and the ST SERIES glass conditioning technology from SORG were merged to form a new product, the 340S forehearth.

The existing 340 forehearth from Emhart Glass has been used as the basis for the new product, and one of the main features of the original 340 – the unique combination of direct and indirect air cooling – has been retained in the 340S design. As the superstructure design is mainly dependent on the type of cooling system used, the 340S superstructure is also very similar to that of the original.

The SORG VMC gas heating system, in use on all SORG forehearth systems since 1993, is a part of the 340S design. Steel casings and substructure refractories, and the thermocouples are standard SORG items taken from the ST Series design.

The 340S control strategy is also based on that of the original 340 programme.

The 340S cooling section features the longitudinal refractory baffles first introduced in 1984 by the Emhart Glass 540 design. These effectively split the superstructure into 3 areas to allow independent heating of the channel edges and cooling of the central glass stream. In the equalising section a single central baffle is provided so that the option of separate left/right heating can be used if required.
340S forehearth
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