09/12/09   Latest Installations
Second basalt furnace for Russian customer
Basalt and other similar naturally occurring minerals are used to produce mineral insulating wool. The material is usually melted in a cupola type furnace, which uses significant amounts of coke. Such furnaces also require waste gas treatment to remove particulate matter and ensure that no carbon monoxide is released.

It is also quite possible to melt basalt-type minerals in typical glass furnaces, but these have the disadvantage of higher capital cost than cupola furnaces. However, in recent years the world market price of coke has increased significantly, and the tank furnace has become an attractive alternative to the traditional cupola design.

About 4 years ago we installed a recuperative furnace in Russia for this type of product, with a daily capacity of 120 tons. The first installation was so successful that the same customer has now added a second SORG furnace of the same type, this time with a daily capacity of 190 tons.

Apart from the direct operating costs, the tank furnace provides a much more stable and homogeneous melt, which results in a better quality final product.
SORG recuperative furnace melting basalt
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