14/09/10   General News
INVITATION to visit Erkelenz
SORG and EME have introduced a range of new products in 2010. These include :

- the SORG batch preheating system
- the new EME-NEND batch charger
- a new charger for float furnaces
- the new SORG optical glass level detector

The glasstec fair is an ideal opportunity to introduce new products to a wide audience but there are clear limitations to what can be shown on a normal stand. Therefore, we will take advantage of the fact that the EME factory is only 1 hour by road from the Düsseldorf fair ground to offer visitors the opportunity to see these interesting developments for themselves.

A full-sized unit of the new SORG batch preheater will be in operation.

The visits will take place on the afternoons of Wednesday 29th and Thursday 30th September. We will provide transport from and back to the fair ground.

If you are interested just mail

marketing@eme.de .
We invite you to visit the EME factory in Erkelenz
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