14/09/10   New Technology
SORG Integrated Concept promises to optimise batch preheating advantages
The new SORG batch preheater is provoking a lot of interest in the industry, especially as it offers potential energy savings of 10 % or more. However, it should not be forgotten that the use of preheated batch can also lead to other problems, such as extreme dusting both inside and outside the furnace.

For this reason we envisage the preheater as part of an integrated concept for batch handling at the furnace. The concept comprises three components.- the batch preheater, a new batch charger from EME and an innovative doghouse concept.

Heat from the waste gases is used to dry and preheat the batch. The SPC batch charger from EME offers several important advantages compared with conventional machines, but the most important is that it offers extreme flexibility without the need to actually move the machine. This makes it possible to completely seal the doghouse, which eliminates external dusting, and stops the uncontrolled ingress of cold air through the doghouse, which will reduce the production of thermal NOx.

The doghouse concept is designed to limit internal dusting whilst accelerating initial melting.

Two of these components will be on show at the EME factory in Erkelenz during the glasstec fair. For details of our organised trips to Erkelenz during the fair please refer to the separate new item.
Close-up of the EME-NEND charger in action
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