26/01/04   Exhibitions & Conferences
6. - 7.2 2004 - GLASS INDIA 2004
SORG has been a leading international supplier of melting and conditioning technology to the Indian glass industry for many years, and will be highlighting the latest system and component developments at the exhibition.

The event location has been changed and it will now take place at the Bombay Exhibition Centre in Goregaon, near Mumbai’s domestic and international airports. SORG will be found on stand 39 together with EME, who are responsible for batch and cullet handling systems within the SORG Group. The location of the SORG/EME stand is shown on the hall plan below.

SORG will also be giving a technical paper at the conference which is taking place parallel to the exhibition. The paper is entitled “ Add-on forehearth systems to improve production” and features the forehearth CONTI DRAIN® system to eliminate zircon cord, and a small electrical boosting system for forehearths designed to improve thermal homogeneity in the equalising section.
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