28/02/05   Exhibitions & Conferences
23 - 25th May 2005 - German Society of Glass Technology annual conference in Würzburg
The DGG (German Society of Glass Technology) annual conference will be taking place in Würzburg on 23 – 25th May. SORG will be presenting two papers at the conference

Rudi Kessel, Manager of the SORG Electric Melting Department, will be reviewing some important aspects of electrical boosting technology, whilst Juergen Groessler, Head of the Glass Conditioning Group will be looking at the difficult problem of eliminating zircon cords from the production.

The town of Würzburg is only about 40 km from Lohr, the home of SORG. One of the additional activities on offer at the conference is a visit to the SORG offices in Lohr, where visitors will be able to see the ways in which the latest electronic technology is used to design glass melting furnaces.
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