17/05/05   Exhibitions & Conferences
19 - 20.5.2005 - Matthias Lindig explains the problems
SORG head of R & D, Dr. Matthias Lindig, will be presenting an interesting paper at a modelling symposium in the Czech Republic in May.

The combination of easy access to extremely capable PCs and highly developed modelling software that can be bought on the open market mean that it has apparently become very easy for almost anybody to utilise a mathematical model. However, this impression is wrong.

There are many ways in which the results of a mathematical model can be influenced. The correct description of some important design details of the furnace itself, the specification of material properties and the definition of boundary conditions are all of fundamental importance. Even then, accurate interpretation of the results is necessary if the correct conclusions are to be obtained.

The paper by Matthias, entitled “The heuristic approach to mathematical modelling” explains the potential difficulties in detail, and confirms the final, and perhaps most important requisite for successful mathematical modelling – experience.

Dr. Matthias Lindig - SORG head of R & D
A typical 3D view of a furnace model
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